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Uncommon Law Auditions!

Cold Silver Films is casting for a low budget feature length romantic comedy, Uncommon Law. The movie is about two best friends and longtime roommates, Brendan & Melissa, who receive a notice from the state that they’re now common law married.

The film will shoot in the Atlanta area in July & August of 2011, mostly in the Lilburn/Norcross area. There is no pay for this project.

Character Breakdowns
BRENDAN (late 20s, M): Pizza delivery man & avid blogger. Smart & likeable, but oblivious.

MELISSA (late 20s, F): Geology Teacher, Very intelligent. Quick, dry humor.

CODY (mid-late 20s, M): Spoiled slacker. Has a law degree but sits around playing video games all day. Too much free time on his hands.

ZABRINA (mid-late 20s, F): Sassy, full of energy.

JAKE (late 20s, M): Nice guy, good looking. Love interest.

WADE (20s, M): Socially awkward friend. Innocent.

TIFFANY (early 20s, F): Stripper. Straightforward, good heart.

KERI (20s, F): Failed singer. Manic. Woe-is-me about her life.

ELLY (20s, F): Clingy & manipulative. Nightmare first date.

MR. RINER (late 40s+, M): Cody’s father. Lawyer. Wants Cody to grow up.

MRS. WALKER (late 40s+, F): Brendan’s mother. Overbearing.

SLEAZEBALL (20s, 30s, M): Likes Ed Hardy & P90X. Dislikes class & respecting women.

STRIPPER (20s, M): Male stripper. Good abs.

(auditions are now over; edited to remove date & time information)

Atlanta-based actor, writer, and filmmaker, and the oft-broke head of Cold Silver Films.

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