Film: Uncommon Law
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 87 minutes
Status: Complete
Written & Directed By: Brian Work

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After years of bailing each other out of bad dates by pretending to be married, best friends and longtime roommates Brendan & Melissa receive a court notice that they are now common law married.

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– Special Features include a blooper reel and audio commentary with writer/director Brian Work, actor Mick Taylor, and production manager Amy Morrow.
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The Cast

Brendan    … Mick Taylor
Melissa    … Christie Vozniak
Cody    … Myles Grier
Zabrina    … Jules Nobles
Jake    … Rob Epstein
Keri    … Mandi Christine Kerr
Wade    … Kyle Tutton
Tiffany    … Lacey Patten
Elly    … Jaclyn Costello
Douche    … Matt Nolin
Selyse    … Paige Mattox
Meryn    … Patrick Rivers
Kevin    … JR Shuman
Vegan    … Brian Work
Drunkles    … Meredith Kelly
Server    … Celina Phillips
Store Clerk    … Emih Abrahamson
Mr. Riner    … Jerry G. White
Mrs. Walker    … Lisa Clark
Literary Agent    … H. Duke Guthrie
Judge Cates    …    Sylvia Galan

The Crew

Producer    … Brian Work
Production Manager    … Amy Morrow
Director of Photography    … Andrew Spratt
Sound Editing    … Jason Neumann
Location Audio    … Sean Connor
Score    … Josh Winiberg
Script Supervisor    … Amy Morrow
Editor    … Brian Work
Colorist    … Will Dewitt
Production Assistant    …    Keri Toggerson

Soundtrack Listing

Jonas Sees in Color – “Help! Help!”
Geronimo! – “Into the Sun” and “They Put a Hook Inside of Me”
Cody Copeland – “Call Me,” “Hope You Find,” “Banjo and a Harp,” and “I Want You”
Devon Kay & The Solutions – “Go California” and “Decemberween”
Agent 11 – “Dissension”
Night Driving In Small Towns – “Get Free”
Ellis Wright – “Crazy”
Heath McNease – “Blend”
Plus original score by Josh Winiberg