What Is Love?

We have a new short, just in time for Valentine’s Day! Go watch What Is Love?, and learn a thing or two to help improve your own relationships!

Uncommon Law cast announced

We have finished casting for the primary roles in Uncommon Law! Casting is still ongoing for a number of featured roles in the movie. Visit the Uncommon Law page on the site for the current cast.

We are also still looking for extras; if you are interested in extra work, please contact our production manager, Amy Morrow.

Heath McNease “Tanuki” promo video

Like hip hop and Mario Bros? Then check out the promo video we recently made for Heath McNease’s song “Tanuki” off his upcoming Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape! The album can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp.

Uncommon Law Auditions!

Cold Silver Films is casting for a low budget feature length romantic comedy, Uncommon Law. The movie is about two best friends and longtime roommates, Brendan & Melissa, who receive a notice from the state that they’re now common law married.

The film will shoot in the Atlanta area in July & August of 2011, mostly in the Lilburn/Norcross area. There is no pay for this project.

Character Breakdowns
BRENDAN (late 20s, M): Pizza delivery man & avid blogger. Smart & likeable, but oblivious.

MELISSA (late 20s, F): Geology Teacher, Very intelligent. Quick, dry humor.

CODY (mid-late 20s, M): Spoiled slacker. Has a law degree but sits around playing video games all day. Too much free time on his hands.

ZABRINA (mid-late 20s, F): Sassy, full of energy.

JAKE (late 20s, M): Nice guy, good looking. Love interest.

WADE (20s, M): Socially awkward friend. Innocent.

TIFFANY (early 20s, F): Stripper. Straightforward, good heart.

KERI (20s, F): Failed singer. Manic. Woe-is-me about her life.

ELLY (20s, F): Clingy & manipulative. Nightmare first date.

MR. RINER (late 40s+, M): Cody’s father. Lawyer. Wants Cody to grow up.

MRS. WALKER (late 40s+, F): Brendan’s mother. Overbearing.

SLEAZEBALL (20s, 30s, M): Likes Ed Hardy & P90X. Dislikes class & respecting women.

STRIPPER (20s, M): Male stripper. Good abs.

(auditions are now over; edited to remove date & time information)